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Also taxco pachuca in the middle of mesoamerica the

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Unformatted text preview: tribute, labor, Christianization, but not rights in the politics and administration and justice. Great conquerors: 6000, down to 2000. Marginal: 600, down to 200. The first colonial system built of conquest and encomiendas is collapsing as it starts. And gold pans out. Population vanishing and the Spanish don’t know that it will level off, and no gold. Looks bad. Population estimated prior to contact, 12- 24 million. Probably closer to 24 million. 1530s: censuses show that the population is declining. AND since earlier diseases are deadlier, probably closer to 24 million. 1600: 1 million 1620: 800,000 Most death in the first half century. Devastation overwhelming. Spaniards ask purpose of being here. If you have no one to exploit, why be there? To understand that the single most...
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