La Noche Triste

Crown builds a regime the first institutions of a

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Unformatted text preview: mographic collapse. Smallpox allows the conquest, followed by plague, smallpox again in 1540s, typhus, smallpox again in the 1570s. 50- 70% of the pre- contact population is gone in 1550. 1600: 90- 95% of pre- contact society gone. This is unimaginable. Think Hiroshima. This was not the goal of the Spanish, and not what they wanted. You can’t take goods and work from dead people. Grants of encomienda were of great range of size. Cortes got the largest grants. Awarded himself approximately 30,000 subjects, the sugar basin, cereal zones. He alone gets a true feudal grant, local rule and justice granted. His heirs keep the grant for 3 centuries, end up in the hands of Neapolitan lords. Cortes gets rich. BUT 10,000 is les profitable Other encomienda grants: rights to...
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