La Noche Triste

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Unformatted text preview: ll- time, trained workers were relied on, and these were bonded workers (still had the right to property and inheritance, status stopped with single generation) Bondsmen who were war captured worked the fields, but they died from smallpox, so Africans were imported for skilled, permanent jobs (they WERE permanent, i.e. no mit’a ending, no smallpox) labor aristocracy, but gains not to them but to their masters. The first economy: Spaniards rule a still Mesoamerican society, assert themselves as lords, demand allegiance to God, depend upon existing community organization and tributes. Slowly start to mine (gold), and sugar production. Between 1521 and 1550, Spaniards ruled Aztec society, preserved its presence but took their tributes. BUT is undermined by the continuing impact of disease and the de...
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