La Noche Triste

People saw the impact of smallpox and the defeat of

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Unformatted text preview: even rose to 1%. Multiply fear of AIDS by the fact 33% of Indians died, plus typhus/black death/more smallpox. Spanish reinforced from 120 to 1500. Aztecs shrink from 150 60/70 thousand Tlaxcallans shrink to about 50 thousand Other Indian tribes flock to the Spanish. It takes 6 months for the siege to conquer Tenochtitlan. Slow, devastating, or guesses are that there were 60/70 thousand Aztec warriors facing equal or greater numbers of Indian allies PLUS Spaniards with ships, horses, guns. 1521: Aztec empire falls. At the fall, patterned and enduring misunderstandings occurs. The Aztecs understand that they are conquered, and the Spaniards sovereign. The Allies to the Aztecs thought they were equals, but the Spanish saw them as subordinate. The indigenous lords, see themselves as allies not dependents. In the few months...
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