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Similar to aids except the aids death rate never even

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Unformatted text preview: e incubation period (no symptoms), person got smallpox on board. Death, burial at sea (probs). Then one or two more people on the ship hadn’t had smallpox, picks it up, has own incubation period, presents again, etc. Reaches Mesoamerica, travels rapidly and is enormously contagious/deadly It MASSIVELY undermines the military force, power of the Aztec empire (also to allies) indigenous peoples watching themselves and friends/family suffer and die, ask Spanish why Indians are dying and not the Spanish? Spanish say it is because the Indians aren’t Christian This is a more deadly epidemic then the old or new world has faced before. Physical devastation < cultural devastation. The Indian gods can’t protect, the cures didn’t work. Similar to AIDS, except the AIDS death rate never...
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