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There were a small number of europeans who never had

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Unformatted text preview: hird of every general, fighter, producer, priest, mother, child has died in Mesoamerica. In the midst of all this unimaginable death, the Europeans are exempt in Europe smallpox is a childhood disease, it only kills 6- 7% of the population of every generation. Europeans are immune How did the smallpox get there? If only immune people came, it shouldn’t have crossed the ocean. Spanish thought an African brought it. Epidemiology: no one with symptoms of smallpox would be allowed on the ship. There were a small number of Europeans who never had smallpox as children. Smallpox has a multiple day (5- 7) incubation period most contagious, but no external symptoms. Theory: someone who had never had smallpox before, joined the ships crew during th...
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