La Noche Triste

Tactical advantage in 1520 while recovering the first

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Unformatted text preview: Cortes realizes that the one great advantage of the Spanish is naval warships. Spanish design, Tlaxcallans build, smaller size naval warships that were then hauled over the mountains and put into the lake of Mexico city for the siege of Tenochtitlan. tactical advantage In 1520, while recovering, the first great and most devastating small pox epidemic arises in Mesoamerica. When smallpox arrives for the first time with a population with ZERO immunity or prior contact ½ get sick, 2/3 of those who get sick die (1/3 of total population) The first smallpox epidemic in Mesoamerica did the equivalent killing of the entire CENTURY of the black death Smallpox is an equal opportunity killer: Smallpox kills the Aztecs and their allies, as well as the Tlaxcallans In a 6 month period, a t...
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