Organized states

Once some sort of settlement has been made be it

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Unformatted text preview: asts. Also: the coastal plains of Mexico are jungle, not open plains/desert. Still, the coastal lowlands of Mesoamerica were the first instances of maize cultivation and sedentary lifestyle. IN THE ANDES: the coasts wee also the first sedentary lifestyles, but based it off of canoe- fishing and some land HG, NOT AGRICULTURE. Although most organized states originate from a series of events starting with sedentary agriculture, the ANDES did not. Once some sort of settlement has been made (be it crops or fishing grounds/access to fresh water), there must be a defensive role to people too in order for protection. Once settlements have been made, small regional states of political, and religious, or arts, or goods centers develop and rise and fall in the aspect of their power over the region. Agriculture facilitates state- building, but is not necessarily the only way. The first cultivated crops were squash/gourds- but maybe not for food. These were natural inland, and when gathered, they could be cut and dried in order to make cups and gourds, etc. for useful utensils. It is likely that the fisher people found out when they dumped the seeds from the inside of the gourd, new gourds would grow start of agriculture. After gourds, the next plant was cotton probably for fishing nets. It is important to note that the first two plants had very distinguishable seeds, thus making it easier for the HG people to develop agriculture. Slowly, after the gourds and cotton, there was the cultivation of other foodstuffs. This places some pressure on the fishermen for more supply, as well as for greater and more effective cultiva...
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