Organized states

The europeans surveyed south america and established

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Unformatted text preview: these constructions and developed maize and had organized political system paralleled the Mexican version of state- like structure. By calling things pyramids, brings to mind the reflection of the Egyptian pyramids (founders of western culture). This is why these are called mounds in N. America in order to make it seem like the Native Americans weren’t as cultivated as the ancient Egyptians. Outlying centers like the one near St. Louis, had these state structures even when the Spanish conquered Mesoamerica not seen by the Europeans, thus no mention in the historical record. Stateness was weakening in 1492 in the outliers, as well as the impact of small pox undermined the statehood of these outliers ruins by the time the Spanish found these areas due to dead populations, thus never more than mounds despite the fact they were periods. How are states not a good thing? People in the Americas before/after arrival of Europeans were not certain of the necessity for stateness. Many opted to live without the be...
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