Organized states

The prosperity of the coastal regions inspired the

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Unformatted text preview: tion. Around 0 year, the people of the coastal river basins of the Andes invented irrigation in order to increase agricultural yield. Diversion dams are built two or three miles inland, about 100 feet higher than the coast. A canal system is built in order to water the fields in the newly emerging towns. irrigation systems require the coordination of a large number of workers, which suggests that something state- like was present to design the system and motivate the workers, after this irrigation system, the production is sufficient to support this state- like structure (“men with spears”) AND is better than your neighbors, so you feel the need to be superior in state- like structure to your neighbors (more men with spears to defend irrigation) There is a strong link between irrigation and the development of state- like structures the hydraulic state Chicken or egg: State caused hydraulic system, or did the hydraulic system build the state? The prosperity of the coastal regions inspired the middle (Huarochirí) and even higher valleys to cultivate maize. This makes it clear that not only is agriculture well understood and far spread, but that there is also contact between not only the various altitudes of the coasts of the Peru, but also via coastal traders from the Peruvian coasts who travelled towards the Mesoamerican coasts and traded with the agricultural societies there to bring back maize to Peru. Maize grows well, and so finds its niche and pr...
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