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Amazonian societies

Conflicts start between groups fighting for the same

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Unformatted text preview: society. use of maize, war techniques These groups were not used to paying tribute, or working for a third party. HG in Chile and in Argentina (other side of Argentina) as well as Patagonia, and Amazon: Moved seasonally according to food supplies, going to certain regions depending on the season. Conflicts start between groups fighting for the same food resources, area of food gathering. Either ally with this new group, if enough animals are available Kick their asses E.g. kinship ties between both sides of the Andes, also alliances Strong tendency for temporary alliances and the resulting fragmentation Role of Women in HG societies Men hunted, military roles Women were in charge of producing textiles, food, setting up tents, caring for children, etc. Crucial for kinship ties usually through marriage When the Europeans arrived, almost always direct or indirect contact with the Europeans But why did these places stay under control of indigenous peoples for so long? Used the European tools to become more dominant o...
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