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Amazonian societies

Contested spaces all for domination sometimes they

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Unformatted text preview: ver other indigenous peoples, and repulsing the efforts of the Spanish to expand What were the Spanish looking for? Silver and quick treasure to get rich and return to Europe. This and the environment guided the expansion. How were maps drawn? Coasts first, easy with a ship. By information given to the Europeans by the indigenous peoples. Cantino planisphere: shows America as just a coast Other maps show the importance of rivers way of transport Coasts also very detailed, places they knew. The frontiers were areas were the people in these places were shaped by the encounters with the others. Contested spaces, all for domination, sometimes they just coexisted. HG trade with frontier towns, settle for a short time for interaction. Would the richest encomienderos go to the frontier? No, they were the non- encomienderos, often convicts, that wanted to find an alternate way to get rich. Some stayed permanently on these frontiers, e.g. people without strong kinship ties. knowledge of language, territory allowed for transition into Spanish culture Living with...
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