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The mobile hgs adapted to the new european skills

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Unformatted text preview: to find that the Empire faces its “2nd crisis” 1550: the Spanish Empire faced first crisis, conquest successful due mostly to smallpox, but its was disintegrating due to smallpox. Empire saved by the discovery of silver, and the near simultaneous adoption of silver as the only standard for the Chinese Empire 1550- 1650, the Empire was being constructed, not by conquest, but the silver economy after 1550. A mix of silver entrepreneurship and regime action/adaptation, AND the resistant adaptation of diverse New World people. Silver comes from European connections within the E. nations. In contrast, the ways of life in the New World differ greatly due to the reflection of the different indigenous ways, actions, etc. Not to say that the indigenous peoples imposed their ways of life on the Europeans, but the Spaniards had to adapt to the ways of life of the extremely different indigenous peoples especially in their interactions between the Spanish and indigenous. The mobile HGs, adapted to the new European skills, tools, horses, etc. in ways that made it too difficult for the Spanish to conquer, while those with previous state structures were easier to conquer. It’s important to understand that between 1580- 1640, the core period of the construction of the Empire and it’s rise of global importance, included the Portuguese Empire. Phillip was certain that he had inherited the Portuguese crown, and used his armies to persuade the Portuguese of this truth shows the importance of armies in Europ...
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