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Gb got tundra spain got from france large amounts of

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Unformatted text preview: eds more silver to maintain the same value of trade with Asia, Europeans begin to escalate their competition over how to gain new wealth from the New world, either through mining or trade and other goods. It is in that context that one sees an escalation of European warfare in the Americas, seeking economic gain. The new warfare for Atlantic eminence in a changing economy 1757- 63 (French and Indian war) The Europeans called this the 7 years war, scholars recognize it as the great war for empire. It was a war grounded among the European powers and fought in the Americas for hegemony and territorial trade and power. Great GB victory? They got Canada. Frozen wasteland, less viable lands that competed with the fish, timber, grain of New England (which was already the least viable part of the British Empire). Stalemate, or Spanish victory? GB tried to get control of other valuable carib. Islands. France ceded everything west of the Mississippi to Spain. GB got tundra, Spain got from France large amounts of the continent where it could pretend to exercise sovereignty. Really just trading points, nothing else. The real outcome of the war was that it almost broke all of the European Empires. They all ended the war in a stalemate, and massive amounts of debt. Policy of rationalization and reasoning, they did the colonials a massive favor by fighting a war to keep you our colonials. Oh, now here’s higher taxes to pay for that war and the privilege of being our colonials. Here’s an army that is here to make you pay...
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