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None trafalgar the spanish bourbons cousins to louis

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Unformatted text preview: that in the course of months the slaves of Haiti say that if they have rights and guns, they’d rather shoot the slave owners. The racist delusion of the slave owner that they would be so obedient that they would shoot each other than the owners. This is simple, but viable. And so, in the early 1800s, Haiti in the midst of this era of warfare is the 2nd new world nation to become independent. There are 2 precursor movements for independence in the New World. The US war for independence was a model for colonial elites of European descent in the new world, with effort you can claim pol. Independence and the right to local rule and preserve the colonial social order (SLAVERY) powerful got self rule and preserved slavery, positive model for revolution Haiti ended slavery, and perhaps even more negative to Europeans in Europe, they ended the full sugar and slave economy. The potential for profit in Haiti was ended by the revolution. Toussaint understood the challenges of sustaining a nation without an economy, wanted to end colonial rule and slavery but maintain a system of forced labor to maintain the export economy. Haiti is an enormously attractive model of revolution for slaves and occupied peoples. Unacceptable for those of European origin who have come to the new world knowing that they know best and how to rule and gain profit. Whatever dreams of independence the New World elites of a US- style independence. Napoleon has seen army after army destroyed in...
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