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Unformatted text preview: Haiti, yellow fever, malaria kill. The ex- slaves of Haiti are far more capable of fighting in the carib. Europeans are certain that the revolutionaries in Haiti are all savages, etc. But something close to 50% of the commercial life in france was energized by the Haiti economy. The commercial side of the economy is the taxable side of the economy. The French decide to invade the Iberian Peninsula. Portuguese Brazil does well in the aftermath of Haiti, since the sugar soils recovered just as Haiti stopped producing sugar. Highly profitable sugar boom. When Napoleon tries to invade Portugal, The Portuguese load the entire government into ships and go to brazil. The revenues from Rio don’t go to Portugal anymore, they go directly to Britain. Rio prospers, and is the capital of the Portuguese empire. Napoleon decides to conquer spain, his ally. Doesn’t count of Spanish reaction for the Spanish silver. Enormous gamble, what naval power do F and S have? None, Trafalgar. The Spanish Bourbons (cousins to Louis) cede government to Napoleon’s bro Joseph Goya’s 3rd of May painting. “shoot me but I will not become your subject” Spain is the most deeply Catholic society in Europe. The French revolution is portrayed as an assault on religion, hurts the Church revenues, etc The words France, French, Frenchmen have all acquired the adjective “Godless” Nationalism? Devotion to Catholicism? Anger at invasion? The people of first Madrid and then all of Spain revolt. The first war for independence in the Spanish empire begins in 1808 and is in SPAIN against the French. Alliance between GB and Spain. The Spanish people fought a guerilla war against the Napoleonic rule...
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