18th century

urban workers mexico city grows to approach 150000

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Unformatted text preview: land to survive, claiming lands that were empty after depopulation for profit. BUT when the population grows the Spanish regime can’t find a way to give it back. Property is sanctified, indigenous short, Spanish surplus. “It would be good for the indigenous to have land, but private property is sanctified.” In the 18th Century, population grows by a factor of 2 or three, welcome to think of indigenous communities as pressure cookers with no escape route. In the Andes, discontent rises in diverse local environments. The great rebellion in the Andes starts in the South, closer to Potosi. Communities under pressure had to sort out the problem of whether they were being exploited by the kurakas or the Spanish regime. Popular resistance focused on the kurakas. The mix of rebellions led by kurakas, sometimes against...
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