18th century

1776 1847 the peso and the dollar are the same 1847

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Unformatted text preview: ily is allowed a plot of land that is barely enough to sustain the family, inherited through members of the community. BUT when the population expands? The kurakas and elites got more land, modest commercial growers, prospered, allowed them to sustain their position in society. Their rights to land were the same as the subsistence farmers. Neither group could survive land loss. These republics were able to sustain themselves well into the 17th century. BUT in the 18th century, population X has grown to 2 or 3X. Access to land for sustenance, if population doubles then there is only 0.5 enough land to survive. In subtle acts of regime building and social engineering, the Spanish regime and clergy found ingenious ways to congregate indigenous survivors in nuclear groups to give them enough...
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