18th century

But when the population expands the kurakas and

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Unformatted text preview: economies of Spanish America in the 18th century, begin and flourished in the Andes, boomed secondary to Potosi in the Mesoamerican regions around Mexico city, and the Bajio in Spanish North America. It is the Bajio and Spanish North America that drives the leading, pivotal, enduring silver boom of the 18th century. The differential impact of revival or non- revival of the silver economy in the Incan and Aztec domains. To give a preview: in the Andes, the old domains of the Incan empire, like every place else in Spanish America, the population had collapsed in the 16th century, stable in the 17th, grows in the 18th. Silver never revived in the 18th century in Potosi. There was escalating violent resistance from the indigenous peoples peak...
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