18th century

Commodities and slavery pan european multi religion

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Unformatted text preview: or thing in British North America. Rice, indigo boom in the Carolinas. Chesapeake indentured Europeans (get land/gun, after 10 years of service), rebellion in Virginia expressing their resentment against those who had oppressed them in the tobacco fields. shift to African slaves instead of indentured Europeans. Slave societies extend from the Chesapeake to Brazil. There is no European power (including religion) that did not charge into the capitalist societies of slavery for profit. Commodities and slavery: pan- European, multi- religion (puritan, protestant, catholic), even African participation (done at the level of African kingdoms) Many of the African kingdoms were Islamic, and those that were more traditional African religions. Global for- profit, preys on Africans and sends them to the most maiming of...
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