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Most of the slaves in the spanish empire were before

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Unformatted text preview: l potential commercial base growing. China has been growing throughout, the Americas collapsed and then triples in the 18th century, the Europeans double in the 18th century. In the interim, all three societies continue commercial expansion and continue to do so with population growth. The early 1700s are the last period of HUGE Chinese demand for silver. Silver has a mid- century low and then booms again after 1750. Gold not so much. 3rd: SUGAR, pivotal commodity in the Atlantic 4th: human beings, slaves. Equally pivotal commercial commodity. The boom of the previous three commodities, then the slaves provide the labor. The industrialized commercial socieities evolve from these four commodities. Broad 18th century commercial dynamism has diverse consequences. Not every gains/loses in parallel ways. The expansion of sugar in the...
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