18th century

Silver never revived in the 18th century in potosi

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Unformatted text preview: 18th century concentrates commercial power and wealth in N. Europe. France and UK provide serious competitors to Spain (only in/after the 18th century) Second, Spain never directly engages in the slave trade in Africa in any substantial way. Brits, French, Dutch, Portuguese do Shifts capital away from Spain and to the countries with traditions of slave trading and access to slaves. Most of the slaves in the Spanish empire were before the 28th century, through the Portuguese when still a part of Spain. The slaves of the 18th century were from the Brits and French, either through legitimate channels or pirates/cartels/contraband. Brazil becomes a more widely settled slave society. There is increasing expansion into the areas south of Brazil. There is differential impact. The differential evolution of the tradition silver...
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