18th century

Slavery is expensive labor to be used when labor is

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Unformatted text preview: labor activities the early Modern World had to offer. A re- energizing of silver and an emergence of gold, along with the other commodities broad commercial boom driven by four core commodities. 1st: silver, key to know that silver revives in the 18th century in new Spain (i.e. Mexico and the SW USA), does not revive into anything like a new boom in Potosi and the Andes New Spain and the Andes diverge 2nd: gold, while there was surface gold in the conquest era, the Brazilian gold boom is the first real deep and enduring gold rush gold boom in the New World. A sign of how entrenched slavery had become as a way of doing life and business and work in Brazil that they brought slavery to a gold rush. Slavery is expensive labor, to...
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