18th century

They split reliance on relatively independent

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Unformatted text preview: , sometimes allied with provincial Spaniards and sometimes not. By 1785/6 the rebellion is put down, Spanish regime focused on putting down the indigenous rather than silver economy. Nativist revival like Tupac amaru, simultaneous with the period that Spain through New Spain is funding and promoting the war of American Independence. Spain and New Spain paid for US independence, the “peso” was synonymous for “dollare”. Spain sent money, France sent Lafayette. Spain mad at UK because of British capture of Havana, Spaniards didn’t want the Brits ANYWHERE near the silver mines. 1776- 1847 the peso and the dollar are the same. 1847 was the Mexican American war, took the Northern Half of Mexico and set the once same currencies on different courses. Because the Spanish regime proudly supporting th...
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