profitable sustained the crusades kept things going

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Unformatted text preview: When a given field of cane is ripe, it must be harvested within 24 hours or it is ruined. If that isn’t challenging enough, once you’ve cut it you have another 24 hours to grind it. Cutting cane was dangerous, fingers, hands, etc. were lost with the compromise of safety for speed. No fun, “maiming labor”. Crushing/grinding cane in mills, might lose extremities again. No one volunteers to do anything with cane. SO, sugar has a high economic upside, highest labor demand for a cultigen. Here is where sugar met established traditions of slavery (bondage) imposed upon war captives. Slavery: deprives enemy of warrior, some form of economic support. Who will do the sugar work? Someone “else”. Who is “else”? The crusaders have marched through the Balkans- mostly Islamic. The Slavic, Islamic captives from the Balkans were put to work producing sugar. Crete/Cyprus sees the fusion of sugar and Slavic people as slaves (look, etymology!) Profitable, sustained...
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