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Long growing season long harvest and processing cycle

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Unformatted text preview: grounds for launching crusades. It is on Crete and Cyprus that Europeans encounter in a serious and sustained way sugar cane. Sugar is a preservative. Well to do and comfortable Europeans will pay a premium for sugar, due to the serious and persistent problem of access to fruit nutrients throughout the year. The Venetian and Genoese merchants finance the beginning of sugar cultivation in the Middle East/Crete/Cyprus in order to finance the Crusades. From a certain perspective, sugar proves potentially highly profitable BUT… Sugar comes with a caveat, as an agricultural product, sugar requires more labor than almost all other cultigens. Long growing season, long harvest and processing cycle, and other agricultural stuff, requires MUCH more labor. Can only grow in a tropical environment, NO frost/freezing Environments in the tropics are the chosen locus of sugar production due to the warmth and rain. Transplanting sugar is as simple as laying strips of cane down and shoots grow off....
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