Society States in the Americas

Society States in the Americas

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Unformatted text preview: ugh some say not independent from Chinese case). Civilization by Eurocentric terms also happened independently in the Americas and it happened probably twice. We are confident that it happened in Mesoamerica (Mexico to Guatemala) Most accept also that it happened where the coast meets the highlands in Central Peru. Some believe that these American civilizations originated independently, but the two started communicating and shared stuff such as maize. False understanding that the Mesoamericans did not know metallurgy, due to the overemphasis of the Aztec Empire, but other Mesoamerican empires did work with copper. These two zones of civilization interacted only after they were well on the way to becoming sedentary, agricultural societies and civilizations. Why did some peoples of the Americas that followed modes of development that followed the European style of becoming civilizations (agriculture, urbanization, etc.) while others rejected it for tribal settings? Was it because some were uncertain and deeply cautious of having a sedentary lifestyle and submitting to a state power up until the conquering by the Spanish? Some peoples...
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