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Society States in the Americas

They then say that they are defending the society

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Unformatted text preview: at the invention of agriculture and sedentary lifestyle happened a bit sooner in Mesoamerica than in the Andes. Central and southern Mexico, Guatemala, etc. Maize agriculture was invented somewhere in Mesoamerica sometime between 3,000 BC – 1,500 BC. Maize growers found themselves in regional states which increased in size. Maize is one of the three pivotal staples sustaining the world before and after 1492. First used in the region of the Gulf of Mexico approx. 1500 years BC This region was easy to cultivate maize, as well as being perfect for communication with other cultures. Living in one place (sedentary) producing maize for survival, but still surrounded by HNG, The notion of property probably emerges at the moment in which human beings became sedentary and didn’t want HNG to steal their stuff. Transition from hunter to warrior a fine line. Communities of cultivators would probs motivate their men with spears to defend food. The warriors who protect the cultivation (men with spears) are legitimized by the diviners who say what they do is the will of the Divine, and take tithes of maize or whatever in order to do the vital job that they do for the community. BUT when it comes to a time of largely peace and the me...
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