Society States in the Americas

Blood types the closure of that migration sometime

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Unformatted text preview: of the Americas show great skill and innovation in the European style development, while other seemed to resist that style. In sweeping generalization, archaeologists suggest that the Americas were settled by humans who wandered across a land bridge from Russia to Alaska. 40, 000 years ago started, ended 20, 000 years ago. Dates fuzzy. Legacies that come from this: The numbers that came across, were somewhere in the hundreds to the thousands. Very small, not huge numbers few came More importantly, those who did come (unknown culture, name) were an amazingly biologically common group known by a near universal sharing of O neg. blood types The closure of that migration, sometime around 20,000 years ago before agriculture, religion, state, civilization had been invented in the old world, so no lingering European memories when civ. Founded in Americas The biological sameness of the group meant that when the diseases of the Europeans came to the Americas, the fact the populations where all descended from a very small biological base (and before any of these diseases had...
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