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Despite the head of household had to organize tribute

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Unformatted text preview: ad already been contact with Spaniards other places in the Americas Toledo reforms: importance of the kurakas- why collaborate? allows the Spanish to insert themselves into Incan society without giving the appearance of doing so, some relocation of the indigenous populace, individual tribute (not collective!), within a certain area that you had to pay your tribute thus migration was encouraged, exploitation of the mines through the use of the mit’a, and (affecting the organization of society) encomiendas Toledo spends 3- 5 years traveling the Andean regions, starts collecting information about how labor was organized in the Incan empire, how the census was used to calculate mit’a and tribute. The objective of Toledo was that the tribute of each region was paid in silver (or goods if no silver available in the region), but in order to get the silver or goods if they weren’t available the people had to do mit’a to gain the goods then give it away. Despite the head of household had to organize tribute, the community as a whole was responsible for the total tribute of the community. The Corregidor (linked to the Viceroy), organized the mit’a and the tribute. The mit’a was done by either sending people to the mines or to the cities. Who exploited the mines? The shareholders, private entrepreneurs with concessions to exploit the mines The Crown used the tribute to finance military expeditions, pay the bureaucracy in the Americas (including Corregidor), pay the priests. The colonists had to pay the royal fifth, a fifth of everything produced in the mines (the Spaniards gave 1/5 of their wealth from the mines to the Continental Crown) Encomienda- the right to extract service and tribute from a community, a huge way of accessing wealth Conflict between those who had encomienda and...
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