The effects of the market in the communities as the

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Unformatted text preview: those who didn’t The limited number of encomiendas The sharply decreased population means that less tribute could be paid Encomiendas are organized by the Crown to limit access to the land in order to maintain control over the Spaniards in the New World. If the Indians are being mistreated/dying: no one to be baptized (excuse for being in the New World) AND no one to work in the mines no way to become nobility if no wealth produced. Is the encomienda inherited? Will the encomiendero (?) have jurisdiction over the community he is the leader, administers justice = they are replicating the nobility in Europe Crown says no jurisdiction over people (that belongs to the Crown) the State (and the Church) becomes an intermediary between the indigenous people and the colonizing nobility the indigenous people start using the justice system to resist the colonists. What is Spalding’s main point about...
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