Grenada was a conquest the americas was much less so

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Unformatted text preview: ans (passing as Dutch) when the ban was changed to only the Spanish Empire. Africans were also immigrant, but involuntary. Expeditions were financed for exploration in northern South America and the Chilean area. Also, Florida. There was a failed expedition in the current USA. They were attacked, and only 3 survived. The 3 traveled, first as captives who were exchanged throughout various tribes, eventually making it back to Mexico. The leader writes of his experiences. Cabeza de baca (??) was the leader, also travels to Paraguay, Brazil to see the Waterfalls. Was the Spanish presence in the Americas a conquest? Kamen thinks not. Rather, the 35 years for the Incan empire to stop existing AND the merging of European and Incan traditions shows that the Spanish had less power than thought. Conquest denotes sovereignty, monopoly on the use of coercion, imposition of outside cultural and political...
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