Kamen points out that the main point is not

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Unformatted text preview: apital, thus a problem The Ottoman empire is also trying to take Venice, forces Venice to ally with the Spanish and the rest of Italy in order to not be conquered. In the 1560s in Europe, near the Spanish Crown, in Grenada there was a rebellion of the Moors. Phillip the 2nd’s policy was to divide up the community then expelling the fragments into different places throughout the country. In the Netherlands, in terms of Religion, Phillip the 2nd’s policy to fight Protestantism was to form a Council of Blood to suppress the movement. Kamen points out that the main point is not Catholicism vs. everything else, rather the king wants to place himself as the ruler of the Spanish empire. Kamen speaks about all these collaborations, and networks of elites, but we can also see that Phillip the 2nd also tries to h...
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