Supposed to be only spanish but a lot of portuguese

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Unformatted text preview: ave a stronger control on he workings of the Empire. Was Spanish control based upon their naval prowess, especially in terms of speed of message sending? If we focus on Phillip the 2nd’s policies towards Italy and the Netherlands, we could see how much their were collaborating, how much coerced? Spanish empire wasn’t just a central monarchy that imposed will on others. Political positions in the Americas absent in the rest of the Spanish empire. Viceroys, the Corregidores Church is autonomous, but allied with the Crown. The judicial system (audiencias) designed regionally The differences in terms of policies and their applications are interesting, with respect to the local rulers that administered justice vs. the courts. Who are the people who arrive to America, and what are they looking for? Supposed to be only Spanish, but a lot of Portuguese, Italians, Germ...
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