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What benefit will happen if you adopt catholicism what

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Unformatted text preview: justice. The colonies To portray yourself as Spanish means you are elevated in status. This was different from Spaniards in the Iberian peninsula. Kamen: it was more important to gain your own wealth, rather than inherit it/feudal system/honor. Origins and background and race matter less if you’ve accrued wealth through work. Are there regional differences? IN Potosi or the Bajio, perhaps, but in Lima inheritance might matter more. Synchronism: was Catholicism incorporated in different ways by different indigenous peoples? The Mayas took Catholicism as another valid religion, incorporated it into their own. Rejection to anything Spanish in the Andes. Some really rejected the religion/Spanish presence, others were more interested in incorporating their beliefs into this new culture. If you already have status within the indigenous society, perhaps you might be persuaded to use your own power in the indigenous society to convince others to follow your example of accepting Catholicism. The smallpox epidemic/the decline in silver economy might impact the acceptance of the Spanish way of life. Sometimes the Spanish were blamed for smallpox, automatically reject the Spanish. Some other places, when everyone is dying, the indigenous people’s own beliefs don’t explain the happenings so they adopt Catholicism as a solution to the problems. What other factors must we consider, why the different approaches? What benefit will happen if you adopt Catholicism? What was the Spanish policy to tie the Empire together? They couldn’t impose their Empire by military force, sustained by the fact that the Spanish said if the indigenous peoples accepted the religion, they would allow local leaders to stay in power. Tutino explains it by the fact that the judicial negotiations held it together. The empire steps up bureaucracy, draws amps, judicial systems. Strategy of legalizing things, linked to their own weakness of being unable to support the Empire by military support. Why was there a crisis in the Spanish Empire circa 1650? Not only a decline in the amount of silver but a decline in trade/demand with China. The silver economy faltered, the European nations previously subject to the Spanish Crown get antsy, the Ming dynasty transition to Qing in the Chinese...
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