Nervous System - Basic Sensory

The sensory systems have their ell bodies located

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Unformatted text preview: cell body, the central axon makes connections with the interneurons in the CNS (usually in the spinal chord) Output, the cell bodies are located in the CNS. The Sensory systems have their ell bodies located outside the CNS. Peripheral Sensory Nerve Entry to CNS: Dorsal Root Ganglion Sensory Physiology General Principles of Sensory Physiology: Deals with afferent nervous system signals Informant from periphery to PNS Sensory Receptors (external, internal/visceral) Receptor physiology Sensory pathways Sensory coding Sensory Information (external): Somatic sensations o Somesthetic (skin touch) o Proprioception (limb position) Special senses: o Vision o Hearing o Equilibrium o Taste o Smell Accuracy of Perception: Consciousness Conscious interpretation of external world. Is our perception o...
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