Nervous System - Basic Sensory

The visual is in the back the auditory cortexes do

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Unformatted text preview: and associated receptors All receptors/receptor fields same type sensory pathway Cortical sensory areas Here is a typical neuron. Receptor endings in the PNS, associated with receptor cells that are separated via synapse with the neuron. Here we are translating the stimulus response area into a receptor field, with various nerve endings going to different sensory cells. The receptor field is defined as the area covered by a single neuron. Here we see the pathway of the sensory stimulus. Enters the spinal cord, and its target is a second- order neuron that projects the stimulus up to the thalamus. The thalamus has many neurons that can direct the stimulus to the correct cortex. Know the cortexes for the senses. The visual is in the back. The auditory cortexes do not cross, the area for one ear is right next to it. The olfactory is near the nasal area. The gustatory cortex is near the tongue as well. Sensory Coding Stimulus Type: receptor type activated, specific pathway Stimulus intensity:...
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