Cytopathophysiology results from permanent or

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Unformatted text preview: ferent neurons Axon of receptor cells : CN I, olfactory nerve Second order neurons are mitral cells Communication between afferent and second- order neuron occurs in glomeruli Second- order neurons form olfactory tract Relay in olfactory tubercle to cerebral cortex. Cytopathophysiology Results from permanent or reversible cell injury due to the disruption of omeostasis and responses that require: energy production, proper gene expression, and structural integrity (membrane morphology) Cellular injury: reversible/irreversible, necrosis and poptosis, inflammation. Patterns of disease: Natural History the natural history of a disease is how it evolves and develops, some can be diagnosed at an early stage from the awareness of origins Causative factor: etiological Mechanisms of disease: pathogenesis Effects of disease: sequelae Cardinal Signs of acute Inflammation Calor (warmth) vasodilation produces local heat, systemic fever from the release of interleukines affecting the...
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