8 remainder given off as heat eeeeee stages of glucose

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Unformatted text preview: QQQQ) Covalent regulation RRRRR) Feedback inhibition SSSSS) Feedforward activation TTTTT) Concept of pro- enzymes UUUUU) VVVVV) Allosteric regulation: a. Enzyme has two binding sites (active, regulatory) b. Modulator molecule binds to regulatory site c. Changes shape and activity of enzyme, can increase of decrease activity d. Generally alter the affinity or catalytic rate fot he enzyme e. Note: steric inhibition directly blocks the active site WWWWW) XXXXX) Covalent regulation: a. Enzyme exists in two states – active and inactive b. Changing state requires the formation of a covalent bond c. Between protein and chemical group d. Formation and breaking of covalent bond requires enzymes e. Most common chemical group used is the phosphate group Glucose Oxidation: Central Reaction in Energy Metabolis...
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