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Unformatted text preview: mbrane Continuity and Protein Targeting XXX) YYY) ZZZ) AAAA) BBBB) Targeting Proteins Synthesized on Rough ER CCCC) DDDD) Epithelial Integrity: Tight Junctions (transport across EEEE) Tight junctions are fonud in the epithelial cell layer membranes/cells) FFFF) Occludins GGGG) Integral proteins, fuse adjacent cells HHHH) Form nearly impermeable barrier IIII) Result in transepithelial transport JJJJ) KKKK) LLLL) Tissue/Organ Integrity: Desmosomes MMMM) Filamentous junction between cells NNNN) Binds cells together for strength OOOO)In tissue subject to mechanical stress PPPP) QQQQ) Between cell connections RRRR) SSSS) Direct Cell- to- cell Communication: Gap Junctions TTTT) Composed of membrane proteins (integral) UUUU)Link cytosol of two adjacent cells VVVV) Ions/molecules move between cells as signal WWWW) Communication is direct XXXX) YYYY) ZZZZ) Text Correction: transcription of DNA Genetic Code into...
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