Of krebs cycle in matrix ttt electron transport

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Unformatted text preview: stimuli b. Integrating centers c. Effectors d. Signals i.Classic negative feedback loop temperature regulation, heat exhaustion vs. heat stroke vs. fever Positive Feedback Loop: Physiologic vs. Pathologic Cause a rapid change in a variable Intervention needed to turn it off. YY) ZZ) Cell Structure AAA) Differentiation during development BBB) Compartmentalized by membranes (phospholipid bilayer) CCC) Cholesterol adds fluidity, but decreases the water permeability DDD) EEE) All pathology results from cellular injury due to the disruption of homeostasis FFF) GGG) Cytoskeleton HHH) Structural integrity and shape III) JJJ) KKK) Membranes, Membrane Transport & Membrane Gradients LLL) MMM) NNN) Membrane carbohydrates: covalently bound to membrane proteins or lipids OOO) PPP) Mitochondria QQQ) RRR) Powerhouse of the cell (generates ATP) SSS) Enzymes of Krebs Cycle in matrix TTT) Electron Transport Chains on christae of inner membrane UUU) VVV) ER and Golgi Apparatus WWW) Me...
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