Muscle Physiology 2

Note pull not push but can flex and extend note

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Unformatted text preview: or long (gastrocnemius; also finger tendons: muscles in forearm, enable more dexterity). Note pull not push, but can flex and extend, note antagonistic sets, can contract simultaneously (Bracing) This is muscle activity across joints. If holding something heavy but bicep is extended eccentric contraction Flexion is much more concentric contraction (Look Up) Control of Skeletal Muscle Activity The inner muscle (muscle belly) have specialized units that detect movement. The intrafusal fibers are receptor- laden and are afferent modulators. The afferents are the spirals of the intrafusal fibers The intrafusal fibers are part of the muscle spindle that are contractile (striated) These adjust muscle fibers to strength or length Extrafusal fibers: Contractile ce...
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