Muscle Physiology 1

Cyclical formation of links between actin and myosin

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Unformatted text preview: cell metabolism: ATP needs Generation of contractile force: Sliding filament model: Muscle contraction = muscle shortens Thick and thin filaments overlap, to a certain extent Thick/thin filaments do not shorten Filaments slide past each other Rules at the molecular level: Sarcomere during contraction: A band stays the same I band shortens H zone shortens Sarcomere shortens Sliding cyclical formation/breaking of crossbridges (crossbridge cycle From the ATP, you get ADP and Pi. This cocks the myosin head and the myosin binds to actin. With the release of phosphate, you get the power stroke as the actin is pulled towards the middle of the sarcomere. ADP dissociates, ATP binds again and allows the actin- myosin filaments to move back and unbind....
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