Muscle Physiology 1

The thick filaments are myosin the thin filaments are

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Unformatted text preview: Generation of the contractile force Myosin (each molecule is a dimer) Tail is towards the M line Head is toward I band (crossbridges) Bare devoid of crossbridges Myosin head binding sites Actin binding site ATP and ATPase Support Structure Titin: Structural elastic support Z line m line connection Each of the myosin heads contain the actin binding site, and a spot to metabolize ATP to ADP and Pi There are polymorphisms in the ATPase site that allows for different twitches (fast, slow) The sarcomere is actin, myosin, and titin. The thick filaments are myosin, the thin filaments are actin. Mechanism of Force Generation in the Muscle Sliding filament model Crossbridge cycle: how muscles generate force Excitation- contraction coupling: contraction is turned on/off Muscle...
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