Cell Membrane Transport

Factors affecting rate of transport rate of transport

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Unformatted text preview: ng force (∆C) Magnitude of the surface area (A) Membrane permeability (P) Fick’s Law: Net Flux = PA(∆C) Membrane Permeability Factors: Lipid solubility of diffusing substance Size and shape of diffusing substance Temperature Thickness of membrane Simple Diffusion Rates: The y- axis is time Passive Transport: Facilitated Diffusion Passive: spontaneous No cell energy is required Downhill movement Passive transport through a carrier Characteristics of a facilitative carrier: Transmembrane protein Binding sites for specific particles Binding occurs one side at a time Random conformational changes Carrier proteins are open on one side, activated by specific particles, moves particle to other side of membrane, goes back to inactive form. Factors affecting rate of Tr...
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