Right and left coordination important across the

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Unformatted text preview: receptors have collaterals that provide more feedback for correction. Idea to move Program motor commands Correct muscle activation Feedback to ensure correct movement The nerves of the brain (tracts) must function for movement. Right and left coordination important across the corpus callosum Innervation of Skeletal muscle by Motor Neuron One motor neuron to one skeletal muscle cell (motor unit) Called the lower motor neuron (ventral horn of spinal cord) Always excitatory To contract muscle cell activate motor neuron To relax muscle cell simply do not activate motor neuron The smaller the motor unit, the more refined the “sensory field”, a higher resolution. Once the skeletal muscles are stimulated, it is always excitatory. Relaxation is not inhibitory stimulation, rather the motor neuron is simply just not stimulated. Inputs to motor neurons: Afferents (reflexes) Pyramidal tract neurons (descending, voluntary) Extrapyramidal tract neurons (descending, voluntary) Feedback about voluntary action: Muscle spindle afferent collaterals Ascending sensory neurons Cyclic to interpret, refine, control voluntary action Vestibulospinal tr...
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