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Autonomic Nervous System

Ans compare controls many effector organs pre and

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Unformatted text preview: muscarinic and nicotinic gene expression variation. Acetylcholine: Types of cholinergic receptors Nicotinic cholinergic: open channels for sodium/potassium, result is depolarization Muscarinic cholinergic: g- protein linked, effect depends on target cell ANS postganglionic: nicotinic cholinergic Effector organ for PNS: muscarinic cholinergic Skeletal muscle: nicotinic cholinergic Understand which have a better affinity for NE versus E: This is an example of alpha 2 and beta 123 They can be inhibitory or excitatory Protein kinase mediates response Phospholipase plays a role. These both have the same kind of substance release, but a difference in response in the organs depending on the receptor (Know, don’t memorize) The beta 2 receptors will dilate blood vessels, not constrict. Autonomic Neuroeffector Junctions The varicosities are able to store more vesicles that typical. They will have voltage gated channels like any axon terminal. At the synapses, the AP will release the NT into the cleft The NT can be taken back up and repackaged Somatic Nervous System: Voluntary NS The nerves form a nexus with muscle fibers. ANS (compare): Controls many effector organs Pre and postganglionic neurons (except for adrenal medulla) Somatic NS/ Voluntary NS: Controls one effect Skeletal muscle Only ONE motor neuron from CNS to effectos The anatomy of the SNS Many motor neurons (Still mixed, like before) Innervate skeletal muscle Orginate in the ventral horn Main NT is Ach Receptors are nicotinic cholinergic Neuromuscular Junction: Synapse between a motor neuron and a muscle fiber Terminal bouton = axon terminal Motor end plate = specialized muscle membrane at junction Motor neurons ACh; s...
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