Autonomic Nervous System

When the heart rate goes from resting to 100 115

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Unformatted text preview: y Preganglionic neurons originate in the brainstem or sacral spinal cors (craniosacral ANS) Long preganglionic neurons reach to the peripheral ganglia near the effector organ Preganglionic FINISH SNS: Anatomy Short preganglionic neuron- thoracolumbar Short preganglionic neuron Long postganglionic neuron - FINISH SNS Anatomy: Pathways in the Sympathetic Chain Light blue: preganglionic Postganglionic: dark blue Adrenal Gland Innervation: Mostly produced by the medulla SNS: Acute Stress Stress or fear induces a heart rate increase from low to very high. When the heart rate goes from resting to 100- 115, there is a very good high performance seen. Shortly after the heart rate reaches a certain point, the performance actually starts to go down. The dotted shoulder can be trained, maintaining performance through high stress. Performance drop is partially a PNS backlash, partly because the heart at such a high rate impacts oxygenation SNS: Chronic Stress A lower level of stress over a longer period of stress. “Idea” real or imagined fear or...
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