Marine Ecology

E how much they are producing npp gpp rp net primary

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Unformatted text preview: herbivorous fish) etc. At the top of the food chain is the top predator. A grazing food chain, because it is based on grazing of primary producers. A detritus food chain helps recycle nutrients. Nutrients usually go up the food chain Are recycled in the detritus chain Energy goes up the food chain The number of individuals decreases up the food chain The biomass goes down as you go up The number of phytoplankton is the standing stock, but what is important is the rate of change in the biomass (i.e. how much they are producing) NPP = GPP- Rp Net Primary Production: fixed carbon available to the ecosystem Gross Primary Production: fixed carbon produced Rp: Respiration There tends to be more chlorophyll when the w...
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