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Fertilization there are 2 sexes but there are

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Unformatted text preview: ns in the water) Territoriality Can share, but partition, a habitat. Courtship Schooling Useful for protection, swimming efficiency, spawning Migration Anadromous: go back to the exact stream from whence they came Catadromous: born in ocean, go to fresh water for development, to sea for breeding. Fertilization There are 2 sexes, but there are sometimes hermaphrodites Oviparous: eggs Ovoviviparous: egg, but stays inside Viviparous: live birth, uses nutrients from mother’s reproductive tract. More investment. Produce more, less investment. Produce fewer, more investment. Hagfish don’t have a true skull. Sketchy vertebrates. Lampreys are parasitic in the adult phase of their life. Cartilagenous fish Placoid Scales Lighter, more buoyant, flexible + fast swimmers Movable...
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